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 Located in California's Central Valley

Most of our birds are listed on The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy list (link below) as either:

  • Critical: Fewer than 500 breeding birds in the United States, with five or fewer primary breeding flocks (50 birds or more), and globally endangered.

  • Threatened: Fewer than 1,000 breeding birds in the United States, with seven orfewer primary breeding flocks, and globally endangered.

  • Watch: Fewer than 5,000 breeding birds in the United States, with ten or fewer primary breeding flocks, and globally endangered. Also included are breeds with genetic or numerical concerns or limited geographic distribution.

  • Recovering: Breeds that were once listed in another category and have exceeded Watch category numbers but are still in need of monitoring.

  • Study: Breeds that are of interest but either lack definition or lack genetic or historical documentation.

Please visit their Conservation Priority List to see which breeds are in need of our help to safely continue into the next century.



Picture of the year! Imagine my shock when I opened the incubator and found THIS little silkie baby! His legs were all fluffed out and dry and BOTH sticking out of the shell. He obviously required some assistance! He made it out just fine, but I just HAD to get some pictures or I knew nobody would even believe me!

The happy ending! ( I think he's the one on the bottom)


Our Birds by Breed:





Blue / Splash Silkies

Silky Ducks

Black Silkies


Partridge Silkies




Birchen Cochins


Orpingtons Blk / Blu

Dark Cornish
Orpingtons Blk/ Blu  


Available Birds and Eggs  See What's Available (updated June 24, 2010)

Our Story

We are 3 friends working together to preserve rare breeds of chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. We are not a hatchery. We are small time breeders of top quality birds. It is our hope to be able to offer a nice selection of high quality birds and eggs to others. By working together we are able to devote more attention to the individual breeds we each are drawn to most.  From there we can selectively breed and raise the best birds that we can to help the gene pool for future generations.

Feather Acres started with me (Caitlyn) and my love of birds and the desire to help in some way these beautiful breeds that were rare and in need of conservation. Then along came Ron. I have known Ron since I was a little girl. When the waterfowl just got to be too much for me to care for the way I thought was best for them, Ron stepped in and took over. Most of the waterfowl is kept at his place and he takes such wonderful care of them making sure they have fresh clean water daily (although it only stays that way for about an hour if you know ducks!), are locked up securely at night and cares for their hatching eggs before they are shipped. He also raises a small amount each year to keep our flocks going. Please see our individual pages for pictures and info about each farm.

Next came Yvette! As usual, I became overwhelmed with the amount of work it takes to keep the birds cared for and happy and run the business. Yvette stepped in and helped with a few of the chicken breeds and expressed interest in raising some turkeys and waterfowl herself. She, along with her son Chad have added the third farm to our operation. Not only will they be raising and showing top quality birds, Yvette is also the local poultry leader helping to expose youngsters to the fun of raising and showing their birds.

I keep the website running and updated, answer emails and handle most transactions. All of the birds now reside at Ron and Yvette's. My family moved into a neighborhood, so no birds allowed. I do keep the incubator here and hatch most our babies. That's how I get my FIX! I also do all of our egg shipping from here.

Caitlyn's Old Place       

Ron's Place      

Yvette's Place             

Poultry Help

Other Points of Interest

  Shipping Hatching Eggs  

My Visit to John's Place - Ocelated Turkeys!

How I Pack Eggs to Ship

Caitlyn's Old Bird Barn

 Recommended Poultry Books 

Mr.T the Turkey
  Popsicle's Story


Proud member of:

The American Poultry Association

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Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities

Greater California Society of Poultry Fanciers

For rare breed information please visit:

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

Please take the time to visit these sites, and consider becoming a member to show your support! They are all great groups, doing great things for poultry!

Please Email me at featheracrescait@yahoo.com


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Silkie Bantams
Silkie Bantams
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